What’s the difference between the Classic and Performance?

Classic Performance Products (CPP) has released a new statement to reveal what the differences are between the two performance models in the Chevrolet Bolt and the new model 3.

In the statement, CPP CEO David O’Connor says the new Bolt and 3 will feature new styling, and they are expected to sell around 60,000 units in the first year.

The Bolt and Model 3 have the same number of cylinders as the 2016 Bolt, but they have different powertrains.

According to CPP, the new models will be powered by an 8.0L V6 and will have a top speed of 200km/h (125mph).

The 2017 Bolt and Bolt SE will also feature a 8.5L V8, which will get the same power output, but the Bolt will also have an upgraded electric motor and a different transmission.

The Bolt is also expected to be a more fuel efficient car than the 2016 model, and the company says the Bolt SE is expected to have a higher combined fuel economy (CFE) than the previous model.

CPP also says the 2018 model will be more fuel-efficient than the Bolt.

While the Bolt and SE will feature a different battery and transmission, CPW says they will both feature the same fuel economy.

Both models are expected on sale in early 2019.

Like the Bolt, the Bolt 3 will be able to take the standard and Premium Plus packages, but CPP says that the Bolt’s Premium Plus package will be a premium option for the first time.

Unlike the 2017 Bolt, however, the 2018 Bolt SE won’t include a touchscreen and will be limited to the standard 8-inch touchscreen.

The 2018 Bolt and 2018 Bolt 3 are expected in dealerships on July 15.