Why I’m still a fan of ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’

I don’t think I’ve ever felt this happy.

In the end, I think I finally have my own ‘Candy Crush Saga’.

And the first episode is my favourite of the season.

I’m not even the only one who feels this way.

I’ve watched the first half of the second season five times, and the whole thing feels so perfectly timed, I could probably watch it again today.

There are moments in it that feel as if they’ve been waiting for me for years.

It’s also very much a part of my life, even if I rarely speak to my kids about it.

I feel like I’ve always had a crush on Rachel Amber, the one person in the show who seems like the most perfect match for me.

But I’ve never been able to tell anyone that, which is a bit frustrating.

‘Crazys’ creator Rebecca Sugar is a huge fan of the show, and she’s been watching the show for years (she co-wrote the pilot with her wife, Rachel), so it’s been a lot of fun watching the writers’ room chat about the characters.

‘She’s so much more relatable than anybody I’ve read about,’ says Sugar.

‘It’s a story about a woman who’s a little bit weird, a little crazy, who’s not exactly cut out for being normal.

She’s just trying to figure it out, and that’s what makes it really relatable to me.’

When Sugar was working on the first season, she wrote an episode titled ‘Cherish’.

She had a lot on her mind: the show had been on the air for two years and was about a young woman who lost her virginity at 16; it was the first time in the series that Rachel was ever explicitly told she was gay.

‘I had to think about it, because she was so relatable, and there were a lot other things I had to do to really make the story feel real, so I wrote a lot about Rachel’s life,’ says the 52-year-old Sugar.

So much so that, in the season’s final episode, Rachel tells her boyfriend that she is actually bisexual, and Sugar immediately falls into tears.

‘There was nothing that I could say to help make this work, and I’m pretty sure Rachel didn’t want to hear it,’ she says.

I think the writers had a good laugh at how much Rachel’s story resonated with the audience.

‘Rachel has this huge journey of self-discovery, and it’s the same journey we see a lot in our lives,’ says Sug.

‘Her journey is very relatable and it feels real, and we’re not sure if she’ll be able to go on that journey with the people she loves, but I think we know she’ll make it.’

Sugar and her co-writers (Kirsten Houser and Daniella Pasquali) had been working on a pilot for several years before they landed on ‘Coney Island’, and they knew they wanted to make a series that could be easily watched on the go.

‘We knew it would be a long process, but we knew it’d be something we could all enjoy,’ says Housers.

‘The characters were such an important part of the series, and they had this real life experience, and a lot was happening in the world around them, so we knew that we wanted to bring a little of that into it.’

It’s this kind of relatable storytelling that made the pilot a hit, with a cult following of fans that was quickly building.

It also had a few big, big problems.

The pilot was shot in one take, and while the final episode was shot over five, it only had a couple of minutes of air time.

And when the show was in its second season, it was cancelled after a single episode, and was eventually released for streaming on Netflix in 2016.

It was also plagued with controversy.

The network had a new TV series, The Mindy Project, on the horizon, and after the series was cancelled, the network took the show off the air.

The show was, however, saved from cancellation when Rachel was a teenager, when the pilot was re-shot.

‘A lot of people hated the idea of an adult show that had a teen story,’ says Sascha Ochsner, a TV critic for The Hollywood Reporter.

‘And that’s not what we’re talking about.

The Mindies was a TV show, but it was a series, it had a life, and people liked it, and this was a show that we’d never seen before.’

So the show is on the verge of returning, but the story of Rachel Amber’s childhood is going to be the focus of a new Netflix series.

‘When we first got the idea, we were like, ‘Whoa, we’ve got this show.

Let’s go for it,” says Sugar, who says the decision to