What it takes to be a Super Bowl performer

Super Bowl performers must be highly skilled at a specific skill and be able to demonstrate that skill at least three times in a week, according to an assessment by the NFL.

In addition, performers must have a “unique ability” that is unique to their craft, and must have worked with a team of at least two NFL coaches and two professional athletes in a three-month period, the league said. 

The league has a $1 million cap for each Super Bowl, with an additional $5 million available for “in-season” awards and “out-of-season awards” to reward Super Bowl-caliber performers. 

“The NFL is committed to creating a platform for the growth of the NFL’s performers, and we have worked to ensure that our performers are rewarded for their efforts,” the league announced Tuesday. 

 Super Bowl performers also must be “well-rounded,” meaning they are well-rounded in their sports and other pursuits, and also have a passion for sports and have a long-term commitment to the game. 

A performer must be able “to perform multiple, separate, and simultaneous performances at the same time,” including performing multiple performances in a row, the NFL said.

Super Bowl performances can also be staged on television or in other formats, such as live performances on the sidelines, at sporting events, or in an arena. 

All performers must submit to drug testing, a standard for performance-enhancing drugs that includes a random drug test.

The league also requires performers to submit to annual interviews with a panel of independent experts and submit to psychological evaluations. 

In addition to drug tests, Super Bowl performance evaluations must include a physical examination and physical examination of the performer, according the league. 

According to the NFL, the performers’ salaries are determined by the number of games they perform and by the size of the teams they compete with. 

For example, if an NFL performer performed one game in a team with the average salary of $25,000 and the team had the same average salary but had a $15 million payroll, the performer’s salary would be $3.75 million. 

This article first appeared on CBSSports.com.