When Volkswagen is about to release the most powerful performance sedan in history, the company is doing it with a ‘tour’ car

Volkswagen has been on the road for more than two decades, but the company’s new production-model WAGEN has a whole new look for 2017.

The first WAGENS are being assembled in the Volkswagen plant in Stuttgart, Germany, and will hit dealers later this year.

The WAGEEN’s design, based on the VW Beetle, will be different from the Beetle, but it will have the same basic body structure and design cues.

The most significant changes are the wheels.

The Beetle is a flat rear, while the WAGEE is a roll-on rear with a slightly narrower front end.

The rear wheels will have more air, while also being more responsive.

The new WAGEHAN will be the first VW model to have a fully automated driving system.

It will also be the only production model to use the fully self-driving system in its development, with the other models being limited to the standard automated driving on a handful of models.

The WAGES will have a more advanced system, though.

Automakers have been racing to make cars that are as quick and efficient as possible, and the WIGENs are the culmination of Volkswagen’s efforts.

Volkswagen said it will build the WANGEN in the United States, but that it expects to be available in 2019.

Volkswagen will make the WEGEN available in the U.S. and Canada, and it is expected to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next year.