The latest news on the new Tesla Model 3

Tesla Motors Australia has launched a new page on the website, which shows the latest news about the Model 3 electric sedan.

The page is now live and shows the vehicle is on track for its first Australian delivery later this month.

“The Model 3 is in the final stages of manufacturing, which means delivery to our customers in late 2018,” the company said in a statement on Thursday.

Tesla says the Model X SUV has been delivered to the US. “

However, the company is in contact with key suppliers to assist in manufacturing the vehicle.”

Tesla says the Model X SUV has been delivered to the US.

Tesla’s Australian delivery date is in 2020, but the company has said it will be able to deliver to customers “as early as March 2021”.

It says the vehicle has been designed to be a “full-size, sporty, sport utility vehicle”.

“The vehicle’s dimensions and performance are a significant departure from the existing Model S and Model X, which are primarily sport utility vehicles,” the page said.

The company has been in the news recently for its efforts to build a factory in Melbourne.

Earlier this year, it announced a $US150 million investment in a $2.5 billion factory to build the Model S, and the company expects to have 50,000 employees in Australia by 2020.

In December, Tesla announced a new model for the Model Y, which is a sedan, SUV and crossover.

Tesla plans to build 50,00 vehicles in Australia in the next three years.