Why Are Some Athletes Using Boostin Performance Nutrition?

This article is part of the MSNBC Morning Mix.

MSNBC contributor and CNN contributor Rachel Streitfeld joins host Chris Cuomo for a look at why some athletes are taking the supplement boost.

Streitfield first began taking a Boostin supplement in 2012 when she was working in the field and her husband was taking a supplement, but she was still struggling with her body.

Now, Streitstein is one of the many athletes who have taken the supplement to help boost performance, according to CNN.

“I think it’s definitely a good thing,” Streitlock said.

“A lot of athletes are going through a lot of different issues that they’re dealing with with right now, and this is a really good thing for them to take a supplement.

I think it really helps them get in better shape.”

A study published in the Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine found that Boostin performance supplements were more effective than placebo at improving performance in both endurance athletes and recreational athletes.

Streithfield is now a professional runner, which means she competes at a higher level of performance than most other sports.

“The reason I got into it, I think, was that I’ve always been pretty athletic and that I wanted to be able to get stronger and better,” Streithfeld said.

She added, “I was also trying to do some kind of cardio workout and just really stay in shape and stay healthy and fit, so it was really a good way to keep myself healthy and focused.”

Stratis, a former professional swimmer, said she got her first boost in 2013, but it wasn’t until 2015 that she started taking the Boostin product.

“It’s just really, really easy,” Streither said.

Streithfield said she believes that athletes should be able take the supplement because of its benefits, but that she does not see it as a doping device.

“If someone does do something that is a doping or otherwise illegal way to improve their performance, then I think that they have to be held accountable,” Streichsaid.

“It just really is a great supplement and I feel like it’s really a great way to get in the best shape you can.”

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