How a car maker uses drones to make parts for robots

A robot used to build parts for electric cars can now also make parts from drones.

The Chinese company Wuhan Precision Industry Co. has developed a drone-powered assembly tool that can manufacture parts from drone components without using any human hands.

The company is also planning to use drones to manufacture parts for other applications in the future.

The robot was developed by Wuhans factory in the city of Wuhanyi in northwest China, according to the company’s website.

The company says the tool is capable of making a range of industrial-scale components including aluminum parts, titanium parts, steel parts and carbon composite parts.

The tool, which can be operated from a smartphone, is designed to help industrial robots and engineers work on more complex parts.

Wuhan has also launched a drone service to help customers get the most out of their existing robots and automation technologies.

It offers its own drone-based robotic service that offers up to six hours of flight time.