When ‘Dirty Dancing’ won the Grammy for best song in a video for “Happy,” there was no way it would ever be considered for the show

The Grammys had a big night this year.

The show’s best-sung song went to the band Dirty Dancing, but the show’s biggest winner wasn’t the songwriter but the actress Jennifer Lopez.

Lopez, 32, was nominated for her performance in the film Dirty Dancing and her performance of the song, which had a similar structure to “Dirty,” had a bigger hit.

Dirty dancing, which won best song for a film in the 2016 Emmys, is widely regarded as one of the greatest dance movies of all time.

It was the biggest song on the show, which was televised live in a one-hour block on Feb. 3, 2021, as part of its “Grammys Live!” special.

In a statement released Wednesday, NBCUniversal Entertainment said Lopez won the show for her “happy dance routine” that featured the line, “You never wanna leave me, baby.

You never wanna go away.”

The Grammys Live!

special also included appearances from fellow nominees like Pharrell Williams and Lady Gaga.