When The Beatles Wrote The First Beatle Album

“I can tell you this: The first time I saw the album, I was just as excited as the next guy, which is a good thing because I was already in the Beatles.

But I didn’t know what it was, and I didn, like, go ‘Wow, this is crazy.’

It was like, I didn-” John Lennon: “I knew exactly what it sounded like, you know?”

John Lennon (the Beatles’ first record label boss): “It was great.

It was just, like I said, ‘Wow.’

It wasn’t anything I had heard before.

It wasn, like-” (in a monotone) “it wasn’t something I had ever heard before.”

John Lennon, pictured with his bandmates: “Like the Beatles, I had never heard anything like it before.”

Beatles manager Paul McCartney: “The first thing we did was to make sure that every record we did, we put it in the middle of a studio, and we recorded it on a single recording board.”

John and Yoko Ono: “There was no room for a piano.

There was no space to lay down on a drum.

And I think that’s where that first Beatles album comes from.”

“That was the first record that was actually a studio recording, so there was no rehearsal, no rehearsal room.

We had just put all the songs out.

And we put ‘Beatles’ on a record, and then it just sort of happened.

It happened in a very, very fast way.

We recorded it in a single day.” 

“I remember going in and thinking that it was a pretty good album.

And then it was like the first thing you hear.

It really, really was a good album.” 

The Beatles and The Rolling Stones were still in the studio, recording their debut album in August 1962, when Lennon, Lennon, and McCartney made their first public appearance. 

Paul McCartney: I went up to the studio with them, and the Beatles and the Stones were just like, ‘We’re just about to record the album.’

We didn’t really know what was going on at the time.

And when we started recording it, we were like, oh, no, no.

The record was supposed to be out the next day. 

“We had no idea what the record was going to sound like.

We were just playing around with it in our minds, and it just came together like a sheet of paper.”

John, John and Paul Lennon, at the start of recording the Beatles’ debut album: “It’s very simple.

We have this guitar, we have a keyboard, and there’s a piano and we have this synthesizer and a vocal.” 

John Lennon: “It was quite difficult to get this album done, because the first time we did it, I remember going up to this studio, with the Beatles in there, and they were all like, “This is the first album we ever did.

This is the best record we’ve ever done.

“”And we were all just kind of thinking, ‘This is great, it’s just great.’

I mean, we’re all super-excited about it, but at the same time, it was quite a tough record to make.

“John: “But we had just made a very small, very, small step forward.” 

Paul, pictured as the first Beatle:  “So, we had the same drummer, and all the drums were the same, and everything was the same.

So, it seemed like a pretty easy task to do.

And the other thing that was pretty strange about it was that it had this sort of, like a feeling that was very different from any other record that we had ever done.

It had a kind of, it sounded very different to any other Beatles record, that we’d ever done, and that’s just kind- of- that’s something that we were totally unfamiliar with, and you know, it sort of was quite strange.” 

In August 1963, the Beatles were still recording the first Beatles’ album, but the next album was due out in the summer.

John Lennon and Yoo-Hyun: “We started recording a lot more and more things, because we had to do it on one record.” 

Yoko Onozaki: “And then, we would record in this little studio, in this basement, in the basement of this studio.

And this studio was, like—it was like this little room that you would just walk into and you would go in there and sit on the floor and you’d have these things and you could just listen to it.

And you just sat there for hours and hours and hour and hour, listening to this stuff, listening very, extremely long.” 

Lennon: “So, when I was recording this album, we started in August.

And it was actually the first of many times that I’d sit down and listen to something