Why are some players on steroids?

The players in question are former NHL players.

Many of them were already on steroids, but some are still using them, including: Wayne Gretzky (7.6 times) Joe Sakic (7 times) Pavel Bure (5 times) Sergei Fedorov (5.5 times), Wayne Gretchen (4 times) Andrey Pedan (4.6).

The NHLPA is calling on the league to ban these players from using performance enhancing drug (PEDs) for at least six years.

They’re also demanding an independent study of the use of performance-enhancing drugs in the NHL.

The players’ union says the league has a responsibility to protect players from harm and the NHL has not done that.

But in the meantime, the NHLPA says its members will be taking legal action to demand a thorough investigation into the players’ use of PEDs.

“The use of banned performance-improving drugs in this league, including performance-enrichment drugs, is not acceptable and it is unacceptable that some players are using banned performance enhancing substances in the future,” the union wrote in a letter to the NHL on Monday.

“Players should not be able to make decisions for themselves whether to use banned performance enhancers.

They should not have the freedom to make that decision.”

The NHL has said it’s investigating the players.

The union has called for the league’s Commissioner Gary Bettman to resign.

The league has said he has not been suspended.

The letter says that the players have not asked for the suspension to be lifted.

“Players have a right to expect that the league will take appropriate action when these players engage in an illegal activity and, as a result, it is inappropriate to suspend the players for any period of time while this investigation is ongoing,” the letter says.

The union also said that the PED scandal “poses an opportunity for the NHL to learn more about the risks associated with PED use and, ultimately, to develop better PED safety protocols.”

The players union says it will sue if the league suspends the players pending the results of the investigation.