What do you know about the WWE Performance Center?

Aucklanders are being warned about the presence of the WWE performance center in the city’s CBD.

The facility is a joint venture between the company and Auckland-based company Performance Control which was launched in 2015.

The facility is currently the main centre of WWE training and training and medical services in the country.

It also runs a sports medicine clinic, a sports science clinic, and a sports fitness centre.

WWE Performance Center website Performance Control CEO Chris Glynn told News.co.nz the facility had “been working with Auckland and our local athletes for some time”.

He said the new facility would be fully operational by the end of the year.

“We’re excited to be able to share this facility with the New Zealand community, but also with our athletes who are in New Zealand and who want to be part of this great sport in our country,” he said.

He also said the facility would help train New Zealanders who wanted to be athletes in the WWE, but could not.

It was the first time WWE Performance had opened in New York City, he said, adding that the company was confident the facility was a success.

But it was not all good news.

Mr Glynn said Performance Control had “finally agreed to build a training and sports medicine centre in New England”, and the company had a contract to provide training and other services to the New England area.

That is not all.

In addition to training and medicine, Performance Control also had an athletics and fitness facility in the New York area, he added.

Performance control is currently planning to build its first facility in Australia, but has not yet confirmed if it will build an Auckland facility.

This is not the first sign WWE has taken Auckland’s CBD by storm.

Earlier this year, WWE announced it was relocating its Super Bowl 50 production facility in Auckland to an adjacent site on the city outskirts.

At the time, WWE had planned to build three facilities, but it was later announced that they were not going ahead with the plan, with only the performance centre and fitness centre going ahead.

What do you think of WWE Performance?

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