When Performance Computing (Performative) Is Right For You

Performance Computing is a broad category of computing systems, including: high performance computing (HPC), compute intensive systems, and embedded systems.

This article provides information about performance computing.

Performance computing is typically used for applications where the data or computation needs to be performed in a fraction of the time, and where a high degree of parallelism is required.

In addition, performance computing systems can be used for high-throughput applications where data processing or data analytics requires high-performance processing.

Performance software is typically distributed to a user or application, and is delivered in parallel or in a single binary package.

It is often implemented in a variety of different languages.

Performance systems are typically used to deliver products and services to customers and are often used for large scale manufacturing and production.

Performance applications are typically for applications that are generally large, complex, and/or are demanding.

Performance devices are generally designed to achieve the highest possible performance.

For a list of commonly used performance computing applications, see Performance Computing.

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