Which Australian football players are the best?

Here’s your answer to that question.

We know which Australian footballers have the best performances at international level.

You can vote for your favourites below and then check back here to see who has the best performance for each Australian football team.

The statsYou can use this form to vote for the best performers in your country and you can also vote for other Australian footballer’s performances by selecting their respective team.

Vote for your favourite hereThe best players in Australia are on a number of different teams.

Here’s the best of them:FIFA’s latest award is being handed out in a bid to give the best players across the globe an opportunity to showcase their skills.

Here are some of the players who are up for consideration:It’s time for a look at some of Australia’s other top footballersThe best performers on each team are represented by two players.

We’ll be looking at how they perform in the team.

Here’s a look back at some highlights from the 2016/17 campaign and what they might mean for the rest of the competition in 2017/18.