The ‘Holley’ of Holley performance is coming to Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (AP) A legendary pop singer and songwriter who made a name for himself as the soul singer Holley performed on the biggest stage in country music.

But her Holley, her Holleys, she’s not the only one with a special place in Los Angeles’ musical history.

And if that’s not enough to make you go, ‘Wow, that was cool,’ then you need to know who she is.

Holley was born Ella Holley in 1935, the daughter of a Baptist preacher in the South.

She grew up in the Nashville area.

She made her debut in 1957 at the age of 17 in the band she would go on to form, The Holley Girls.

Holleys life changed forever when she died in a car accident in 1964.

Her obituary in the Los Angeles Times was the first in the nation to list her birthdate as 1935, something that she never could have predicted.

Holys music went on to be a major influence on her husband, Willie Nelson, who sang in her band for more than 40 years.

And her Holys songs have been heard around the world and have become a signature part of Americana.

She died in 2013.

The Holleys family has lived in the same house since the late 1960s.

Their daughters, Laura and Amy, also are longtime fans.

In fact, Laura Holley told the Los Angelenos Weekly in 2015, “We’ve been blessed to know the Holley family for so long, and to be able to sing with them as they sang to us as a family.”

Holley’s song “Holley” was written with her longtime friend and former manager, Roy Orbison, and was recorded by Orbison’s wife, the singer and producer Ann Shores.

The song is named after Holley after her mother.

The band, which was known as The Holts before she died, was formed in the early 1960s by Holley and her brother, the late Robert.

They were friends, and they would sing to each other during the daytime.

“I love her music, I love her life and I love the way she’s lived her life,” Robert Holley said in an interview with NPR.

Holry was a fan of the Beatles, and she sang in their band.

She also sang in The Who.

She sang in the Beatles song “Let’s Dance.”

“She was such a great entertainer,” said Robert Holleys brother, who is now 94.

“She had a gift for song and her talent was such.

I think if she could sing she would be a great songwriter.”

Holleys daughter, Laura, and granddaughter, Amy, who lives in the United Kingdom, have been friends for many years.

They also were in a band called The Holays.

The singer and her son, Robert, have made a number of videos and albums, including one called “Holay Lady,” which is about the life and death of Holsey.

Holays family owns the Holleys estate.

The family has owned the Holts house for nearly 70 years, which is the largest in Southern California.

And the Holays have hosted Holley concerts at their home for nearly a quarter century.

They said that they decided to move to L.A. after they had a difficult time finding a studio and decided that it was time to open their own.

The couple said they didn’t know the significance of her life when they bought the house.

“We didn’t have much money to live on,” Laura Holleys said.

“And so we felt this was a place where she could be comfortable and that she could live her life in peace. “

It’s a beautiful home, it’s beautiful, it is a beautiful place to live, it has a wonderful garden, it will be our home forever,” she added.

“And so we felt this was a place where she could be comfortable and that she could live her life in peace.

And we’re very happy to be here.”

Laura Holays sister, the writer, author and music teacher Linda Holley has known Holley for more then two decades.

Linda Holleys mother was also a Holley fan, and Laura Holys sister said that her mother had been an avid fan of Holleys music and singing for a number, including “Holry Lady.”

“My mother was very fond of Holys singing,” Linda Holys said in a telephone interview from her home in Tennessee.

“Her music is timeless, and I think she loved Holley.”

The Holys have owned the house since 1964.

The house is on the edge of Beverly Hills, about a half-hour from Hollywood.

It is located at 14600 Los Angeles Boulevard, and it was originally built in 1935.

It was built in what was called the Beverly Hills Annex by the developer who was also the developer of the Hollywood Hills Mall.

The building, which now sits empty, is