Holley Performance Products’ performance improvement plans unveiled

Holley is making a big push to improve performance in hockey gear with its performance improvement products, including the Holley Speed, Holley Sports Performance and Holley Hockey Performance products.

The company says the performance improvement models are designed to help players with “uncommon and challenging” injuries or to help prevent injury in hockey.

Holley’s Sports Performance line includes Holley Sport Hockey Performance Ice Hockey pads, which are designed for “high performance” play.

Holly Hockey Performance pads, Holly Sports Performance Ice hockey helmets and Holly Speed ice hockey skates are all “sporting” products.

Holleys Speed and Speed Hockey products are aimed at the player who wants to get in a “pure skating performance,” while the Sport Performance line is for “more casual” ice hockey players. 

Holley’s Performance products are designed with the goal of “improving performance in sports gear to provide a better overall performance for the player.” 

“We wanted to take a unique approach to improving performance in our products,” said Mark Holley, senior vice president of product development.

“With our Performance products, we wanted to build a performance improvement kit for athletes who have common and challenging injuries.

Holmen Sports Performance is designed to give athletes the “edge” needed to stay competitive and perform at their highest level.” 

Holleys Sport Performance Ice skating products are “built to help athletes with uncommon and demanding injuries.” 

The Holley speed hockey product “helps athletes who struggle to maintain control in skating or who find themselves on the ice with less control,” according to the company. 

“Our goal is to provide players with the same level of performance they have before injuries,” Holley added.

“This includes the ability to compete at their best level on ice and in the snow.” 

While it’s not clear exactly what kind of ice hockey injuries Holley athletes have, it seems like most athletes have problems with their lower extremities. 

One of the products Holley says it will be looking to help solve is the Holmen Speed Ice hockey helmet. 

It’s called Holmen Sport Hockey Speed and features a “tactile-friendly design that will keep you cool and fit comfortably” while allowing “a better grip on the puck,” according the company’s website. 

A Holley athlete will also be able to buy Holmen Hockey Sports Performance ice hockey gloves, which the company says are designed “for more casual” play, and Holmen Snow Hockey Hockey gloves, “for advanced performance in winter.” 

When it comes to ice hockey, Holmen is aiming to make the product available “to the hockey community,” according Holley. 

The company says that in the U.S., it has about 250,000 ice hockey fans per year, and it wants to expand its product offerings. 

“[Holley is] expanding to other markets,” Holton said.

“We’re very excited to be working with the NHL to help create a hockey community that is well-represented in the world of hockey.

We think Holley products are going to help hockey fans get the best out of their ice hockey experience, and that’s going to be the goal.”