How to fix a broken rear window

By By James D’Angelo, Reuters| January 27, 2019 09:04:56The rear of a Volkswagen Golf R is seen in front of a car dealership in Los Angeles, California, U.S., January 27.

REUTERS/Mike Blake/File Photo/File photoA California company is trying to make the front end of a rear window much more resilient after a car crashed into it.

The new product is made by U.K. startup Peak Performance, which is known for its high-tech windshield wipers.

Its windshield wiper, which was developed by Peak Performance for the Volkswagen Golf, was damaged when the front bumper of the car rolled into it on Friday.

The company is offering a replacement for the front window, called the Peak Performance Rear Window Wiper, that it says will be “much more robust, tougher and more durable than a conventional windshield wiper”.

It will cost around $600.

“If you are going to break the rear window, you have to do it at the point of impact,” said Peak Performance Chief Executive, Jon Bovey.

The windshield wipers on the front and rear of the Volkswagen will be made of composite plastic that Peak Performance says is “firm and corrosion-resistant” and “will be less prone to splitting and cracking”.

Pole Shift, the company behind the wipers, said the Peak Products rear window wipers are the first in the U.N. market.

“We want to give a platform to the people who are designing new products, because we see the market as a very big opportunity,” Pole Shift CEO Simon Stoddart said.

“The challenge for the wiper is that it is so lightweight, and it can’t be deployed on any type of surface, such as a concrete sidewalk or a street.”

So there is really a challenge with the wipertrader, because you have a vehicle that is going to roll into a bumper, it will split, and you’re going to have to repair the entire windshield.

“Poleshift says its new rear window wiper will be installed at all of its U.Q. stores by mid-March.

Other manufacturers, including Ford and General Motors, have announced plans to build rear window replacement wipers in the coming months.