When is the last time you got the opportunity to see a new German performance review? When is it good enough?

The new German music industry agency, BAM, is currently in the midst of its annual symposium, which features top performers from around the world and offers insight into the current state of the industry.

The symposium is a chance to hear from the companies, producers and labels that are shaping the music scene of the 21st century.

However, BAMA is not the only company to have had an opportunity to attend.

On Tuesday, I attended a presentation at the German Performance Review (GPR), a collaboration between BAM and Diamat, a global performance consultancy.

As one might expect, the event was an eclectic affair, as BAM presented some of the biggest names in the music industry.

It was here, alongside a slew of smaller companies and artists, that we learned about what’s new in the German music business.BAM is a German performance agency with an office in Berlin, and its focus is on music and music production.

In its latest quarterly report, the agency noted that there were 1.1 million active users of the service, of which around half of them were music-related.

The other half, however, was spent on marketing and advertising, which is what BAM does best.

This segment was the focus of the BAM presentation, as well as a few other highlights.

Among the top performers at the event were two German producers: Jørgen Gudmundsson and Lars Fisk, both of whom performed at the BAMA symposium.

Fisk was the winner of the 2015 Berlin Music Awards for best female producer, while Gudsson took home the prize for best male producer.

The producer/songwriter duo is known for their unique style, with Gudbjorn and Fisk often using a combination of electronic and acoustic elements to create their unique sound.

As well as their performances, Fisk and Gud Bjorn are also the founders of The Beat.

Their collaborative work with the band, known for its electronic-influenced sound, also featured at the symposium presentation.

As the show progressed, we also got to hear about the rise of the new generation of producers, who are finding success in their field.

One of the speakers was Kari Steglowski, the founder of the Swedish label Gute-Doktor.

She shared her story of how she found success in her music, as she has since moved into the production world.

Her latest single, “My Life” from her new album, “Kommand”, reached #1 on the German chart in just under a week, and has now topped the UK charts as well.

Steglows album “Kombination” also made its way to the top of the UK chart, reaching #10.

As with the previous two years, she is one of the major artists to emerge from the new wave of producers.

While Stegs debut album “Gute-Kommando” earned a number one position in the UK, her latest album “Piano Man” is not only an international hit, but also one of her most successful singles.

The event also featured some notable artists who have taken a leap into the mainstream, such as Jens Voigt, who also attended the event.

Voigts music career has spanned two decades and over 20 studio albums, and he is a major player in the global music industry, particularly in the electronic music sphere.

This was also reflected by the music performance of the night, which was led by producer and DJ Wolfgang Wiese.

While Voigs music is often seen as “pure” and “sophisticated”, Wiesen, who is known as a producer-DJ, is also known for his ability to blend genres and styles into a seamless blend.

As such, it was evident that Wiesens music was well-suited to the audience at the performance.

The Graphene Symphony, a showcase for German producers, also took place on stage.

The first performance in this show, which took place at the Berlin Philharmonic, was performed by German producer, musician and producer duo, Gudlfjörg Friesen and Lars Köhler.

The duo, whose music is generally seen as darker and more complex, is one that has been working hard to evolve and expand their sound.

In the first show, Wieses performance of “Luna” from his latest album, The Blue-Eyed Devil, was accompanied by the song “Symphony No. 1” from the album, which has been on a steady rise in the charts for over a year.

The next performance on stage was by the German band, Hausfrau.

The group is known primarily for their music of techno-heavy styles, and their latest album,, also debuted at #1 in Germany.

The album was also praised by