‘It’s time to get serious’: NASCAR drivers rally for change on safety

In a rare show of unity, NASCAR drivers have rallied around one of the biggest safety issues they face: safety.

For more than two decades, NASCAR has faced a major safety problem.

For many drivers, it has been the result of poor engineering, poor driving, or both.

But this week, NASCAR’s governing body announced a new plan that could bring more stability and safer racing to the sport.

The plan would allow drivers to use their lap time to determine if they need to stop at a red flag or make a pit stop.NASCAR says it wants to end the practice of making pit stops at red lights, a trend that has cost the sport millions of dollars and caused more than a few drivers to retire.

The new rule would allow a driver to stop and assess if the risk of a safety problem is greater than the risk to the car itself.NASCOT says it will also allow drivers who need to use lap time during a pit call to stop in a designated area for a maximum of 20 seconds and then proceed to a safety stop.

This will help drivers make better decisions about when to stop, while minimizing the risk that they will end up stopping in a dangerous situation.

The plan was announced Tuesday, with NASCAR’s top executives including CEO Brian France and CEO of the World Truck Series, Paul Wolfe, among its sponsors.

Wolfe, who has led the WTS for years, said the plan will help keep drivers safe in the race.

NASCAR, he said, has been doing this since the 1950s and that NASCAR is going to continue to do it.

“We’re going to see safer racing and I think that’s the direction NASCAR is headed,” Wolfe said.NASAPrace leader Kevin Harvick said in a statement, “I look forward to working with NASCAR and our partners to ensure safety for our fans and our competitors, including our drivers.

I hope to continue our collaboration and coordination with the industry to ensure a safer and more exciting future for all.”