Ford Performance Tasc 4.6-liter EcoBoost turbocharged 4×4 gains 0.7hp over Mustang 4×2 exhaust

Ford Performance says it has found a new, more efficient way to make its 4.5-liter Tasc EcoBoost Turbocharged four-cylinder EcoBoost engine work at higher revs.

The company says the 4.4-liter model is now 0.72 more horsepower and 0.68 more pound-feet of torque than its 4×3 sibling.

That means the engine can push more torque through a single gear and a more-tighter load on the rear axle.

The Ford Performance EcoBoost is the first four- or four-wheel drive turbocharged four with performance electronics that are available in its larger four-door Taurus model.

Ford says the EcoBoost makes up for the difference by adding more torque to the 4×1 engine, but the Ecoboost also makes up ground by improving the car’s efficiency.

Ford says its latest engine delivers “only 0.8hp more” and 1.3lb-ft of torque.

Ford Performance says the new 4.1-liter engine delivers 0.71 more horsepower.

The company says it uses the new turbocharged design because it can boost performance while also reducing engine noise.

The Tasc Turbo is available in Ford’s Fusion, Fusion Hybrid, Expedition, and the Expedition Sport models, which feature the same four-speed automatic transmission as the Fusion, and in the Taurus and Taurus Sport trim.

Ford expects the new four-stroke to become available for the 2019 Mustang and 2019 Focus by the end of 2019.

Ford has sold 1.9 million Tasc four-wheels since 2009, according to Ford Performance.

The automaker has built a reputation for making some of the best turbocharged engines on the market.

Ford is still a small player in the industry, with more than 100 production plants.